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di Bianco e d’Avorio Home Decorator together with FC1 Contract is a design team able to work on large-scale projects, with exceptional technical expertise, and to supply luxurious Italian building materials, furniture, fittings and finishes. Reliable partners for exceptional real estate operations, we proudly introduce you to our partners.

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Byron & Byron create and supply a variety of hand-crafted and traditionally finished curtain poles and accessories and was created in 1984 to supply a demand of the rapidly growing interior design sector of 1980’s Britain.

The company was founded by a then, young Italian Orazio Gualtieri, his passion for traditional craftsmanship and design pushed Byron & Byron to stand out against the crowd. 

chimetal logo

For over 30 years, Chimetal have worked in the luxury retail and residential sectors, on bespoke semi-artisanal metalwork projects ranging from stairs, facades, elevators, doors and furniture to accessories and sculptural art pieces.

Founder Roberto Chimenti’s expert hand drives each project from concept and engineering to realization and final install. Chimetal expertly transform all metals (working also with wood, glass, leather, acrylics, fabrics and stone), into objects of beauty and function, within challenging budgets and time frames.


The Domuslift elevators are a line of top quality residential elevators offering convenience, luxury and accessibility in many different environments.
Our home elevators rely on quality manufacturing processes which provide an innovative and safe residential elevator with smooth ride and unparalleled reliability.


In the 60s, a group of cabinet makers from Veneto decided to unite their experience and artisan skills in the creation of a business entirely focused on the production of bespoke furniture, characterised by particular attention to metal details and the application of state-of-the-art mechanic automation systems integrated in furnishings. The Scalco family, founder and owner of the company, is proud to represent this heritage. In particular, Serafino Scalco transmitted his passion for work and spirit of innovation to his sons.


We are an Italian ceramics company internationally established in the production of porcelain stoneware ceramic surfaces for all architecture, building industry and interior design needs. Research, innovation, environmental sustainability and social responsibility are the values that identify our way of doing business: ‘Made in Florim’: the guarantee of Italian know-how for more than 50 years.

Florim ceramic products are the result of the most advanced production technologies combined with constant aesthetic research.


Drawing inspiration from the simple beauty of water, Gessi has been designing and producing exclusive bathroom furnishings, public and private wellness fixtures and kitchen taps for almost 20 years. Gessi nowadays stands as an iconic reference in the taps industry for the outstanding design and technology of its products.

Through an ever renovating creativity, the company sets the evolution trends for the whole industry, never giving up its role of the ever original and innovative market leader in both the product and its communication.


The constant growth of the business and the prestigious craftsmanship reached have led LAV to be the number one choice when it comes to customer satisfaction. LAV is able to meet the most demanding requests of the national market, and not only.

The secret of our success: the diversified use of materials, top quality, attention to detail and the customization of our products. Lav Porte presents a complete range of solutions for completing any kind of location, in any style from classic to modern. Since 1977 Lav Porte has worked constantly to offer solutions that best meet customer requests.

listone giordano

Only Listone Giordano is better than Listone Giordano. It is the keeper of ancient memory and skills. Since its debut on the market is has been driven by an untamed spirit of innovation. It has combined the innate gift of nature with the genius of man to manufacture unique wood flooring creations. Listone Giordano wood flooring collections are featured in some of the best residential projects in the world as well as it takes central stage in the main international designer and architectural projects worldwide. All this and more is Listone Giordano today.


Established in 1990, Signoretto Lampadari is one of the authentic productive realities on the island of Murano. Thanks to the technical knowledge, to the dexterity in production, and to the creative mastery of Masters Gianni and Loris Signoretto, Signoretto Lampadari is specialized in the production of sumptuous 1700 “Rezzonico” and “Venetian” chandeliers, reproducing today an art which for centuries have adorned the most refined places in the world.

logo poggi

Fratelli Poggi was established in 1923 by two brothers, Antonio and Vincenzo Pozzi and became a public company in 1958.Our company supplies blocks, slabs cut to size and tiles to our many clients using lost generation cutting, polishing and filling machinery. We supply high quality products thanks to our skilled labour force and our over three quarter century experience.


TREND Group was born by the hand of Pino Bisazza who, together with several qualified colleagues, created in the year 2000 an enterprise that blends the artistic Italian tradition with a respect for nature, and the most innovative technologies.
Today, the company is the world’s leading full-body glass mosaic, gold mosaic and Venetian enamel and agglomerates designer and producer. The company manages 3 brands: TREND (master brand), TREND Transformations, and Orsoni.


Wall&decò was born from an intuition of Christian Benini, founder and creative director of the brand, originally advertising photographer: in reproducing huge green leaves as wall background sheets for his sets, did not imagine that those reproductions would have changed his life.

Over the years Wall&decò product range is expanded and two innovative systems with a visually high impact and great technical value are added: OUT SYSTEM, the wall covering system for external walls and facades and WET SYSTEM, the wall covering system for damp spaces like bathrooms and shower rooms.


Tabacco Secco Decorazioni was born in 1997 as a company of Stage Design and Italian Traditional painted Decoration. Tabacco Secco Decorazioni works with a team of professional artists and artisans: decorators, artists and creative designers who all cooperate with the two founders, working on renovation work and new projects around the world.
Some of their services include trompe l’oeil (on walls, ceilings, furniture, antique gold and fake marble deigns), bas-relief, golden leaf, contemporary or classical finishing (resins, micro-cement, marble work, glazes), painting, portraits and restoration work.

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